Misstoura Paris

Misstoura Paris is a clothing brand for modest women. As a women clothing brand, building a comunity is the key element and this comunity becomes “strong” due to the quality of the image and content, visual elegance transmitted through the social networks and also through website. We set the basis of an original image in the world of modest fashion, mainly due to the photographic and graphical approach, attention to details and the originality of the graphical elements (online shop and social media).

More info: http://misstoura.com

                                                                          Logo design | 5th anniversary Misstoura

Visuals for Online Shop

Collection Equilibre 

 SS 2018 

Photo Sessions in Marakech, Morocco

Lookbook 20
Lookbook 71

Banners design

Photo Sessions in Paris, France

Collection Fall in Love 2
Collection Fall in Love

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