Misstoura Paris

Misstoura Paris is a clothing brand. As a women clothing brand, building a comunity is the key element and this comunity becomes “strong” due to the quality of the image and content, visual elegance transmitted through the social networks and also through the online shop. We set the basis of an original image in the world of modest fashion, mainly due to the photographic and graphical approach, attention to details and the originality of the graphical elements, (online shop and social media).


 Uniconf is an romanian brand with tradition. Created in 1995 in Romania, this brand reinvent the romanian quality in the field of underwear. The mission was to bring the artistic image of the brand to an international level, to highlight the quality of the products, to create a strong branding identity.

CB Exclusive

CB Exclusive is the official brand of the romanian fashion designer Catalin Botezatu. 

Ateliers Darolti

I have the distinguished pleasure of working with Victoria Darolti, awarded as Meilleur Ouvrier de France. Award earned due to her artistic background, devotion and talent for the artistic embroidery Haute Couture. Her artistic implication is to imortalize her creations in photogra- phy (fashion events, conferences or artistic brodery courses) and the realization of the graph- ic design for the website and also on social media.

Bassier M.

I have the distinguished pleasure of working with BASSIER M. , awarded as Meilleur Ouvrier de France in jewlery. My work was to highlight his creations through simplicity and elegance, through pictures and visuals for website and social media. 

Academy of Music

Academy of Music “Gheorghe Dima” is one of the most recognized Academy in Europe. In 2015, I participated for Open competition for the academy’s flyer and postcard. I made this flyer with the representative illustration for Music, very appreciated by the way, the illustration was also used for the t-shirt design.

3 Leaf Edibles

3 Leaf Edibles is a big company from California, USA who makes coockies with natural ingredients.  A creative collaboration with 3LeafEdibles (USA) I had for Christmas Campaign. The theme was to play with their cakes, introducing them into Christmas atmosphere.

A3 Vitamin Water

A3 Vitamin Water is a super good and healthy product made in Romania. A nice collaboration for products photography with this wonderful people who created this brand.