My first conection with graffiti was around the year 2004, when I was growing an interest in the hip hop culture.

Years of searching followed with a lot of experimentation, study and going deeper, before i understood the movement and started feeling it also. As an artist, the main goal is that through my creation I send a real message from the inside which resonates with reality and inspires the world.

Beginning of the year 2015 I created Mathematrix. I remember the exact moment, it was one in which, I can say, i went deep in another Universe and ‘coming back’ with ANQ formed out of 1240 in my head.

          From that moment on I felt that what I am creating has meaning, finding myself totally in what I was transmiting. Mathematrix is a personal alphabet that reflects my passion for numbers and mathematical symbols, letters and colors, is a reflection of my own name, a method of spreading positive messages extracted from negative thoughts, a detach from the normality imposed and controlled trough standard frameworks.
ANQ2EN isn`t just a name. ANQ2EN under the different aliases (anq, qeen, qe2n, QN, q&a) is energy, vibration based on feelings, experiences, knowledge, hopes and dreams.


” Mathematrix belongs to the conceptual imaginary that i artistically expand in three graphical areas: arithmetic permutation with existantial accents, cosmological expression constructs and meditative cryptics.

            From the first selection belong the elements of the identity core. In this grouping the ensemble of the themes approached transfer into a logical plan, permutations of an own artistical identity. The second resulting selection appears like a gestual control. Numerous compositions, exposed from a geography of static: vibration sugestion, rhytmicity and the framing of the cosmic background, all parameters supporting the ax of a calming spirit, impregnated with serenity.

Alongside all of this, there is a photographic sense of familiarity that is propagated through the artwork. AS such, the sense and stabilisation of the capturing, takes part in the extended  preocupation of photography which has brought me international recognition and prizes.

The third coordonate travels, from the concrete area, in a meditative flux. In this segment, i am developing graphical elements, caligraphy foreground, tags and a big variety from the graffiti area.

Adding all the three parts, you can atest that the platform of artisticity that i am position myself behind, brings value to a personal creed in which mathematical symbols envelop a state of knowledge that include celestial elements, simetries and valuation that oscilate at the 2D limit and 3D.

Starting from this perception, i am developing my artistic spectrum. At eye level, the relationship with the artwork follows the act of receiving, producing inside of me a stimulus of reconstitution and overlapping tendencies.

           In this creativ compund a performant relationship is being  carried out, captured between the enunciative mathematical aspect and the writing of the character. The dynamical graphic resultant between these brings to light, first as a foreground, and the it is being maximized through the symbol clarity, or it comes lost in cosmic gradient backgrounds.

In my work, you cna still see the trajectory of some existential settlements and attitudes on a surface(spray and acrylic on cardboard, spray and liners on disc, etc.) that aim a trajectory of a defined fragmented element. So I conjugate visual enunciations t which i apply underground directions.

So the defining trait in which i belong brings in the same contested context (hip hop elements), liberty of caligraphic motion(breakdance influences) and the logical vision as knowledge(Mathematrix).

            To these conceptual structures i corespond the objective of the Mathematrix system, which follows the magnitude of functions and mathematical formulas. Or in a much simpler way, the rallying to a universe transfered from a rational field to a introspective process. “



                                                                                                                           Collector | Austin, Texas USA 

                                                                                                                                        Collector | South of France   

                                                                                                     Exhibited in Vienna, Cluj Napoca and Paris  

                                                                                                                                                                  – Quatization of energy + 

                                                                                                                                                             – I N T R O S P E C T I O N +

                                                                                                                                                                      – Y O U N I V E R S +





Cultural Centre Zalau | Romania |2015


Nacultura Centre Cluj | Romania |2015

Mathematrix Exhibition - BA Contemporary  Vienna 2016

BA Contemporary Vienna | Austria |2016


Solo Exhibition Paris| France |2017


Solo Exhibition Paris | France |2019