“I consider myself a crayon… I may not be your favorite color but one day you’ll need me to complete your picture.”

                                                                                   Lauryn Hill


I’ve been drawing since i was a little child, having my first exhibition in my room, with my father as a collector. I remember how pure was the feeling..although I didn’t know anything about art.. I made my first fashion collection when I was 9 years old and dreaming to bring this on the defile. I always helped my brother with his drawings for classes and I was grateful that my drawing skills were recognized during the years of school.

As a kid, I started to be involved with writing (graffiti), I was captivated by the connections and distortion of letters. As a teenager I arrived at a point “I think I do” graffiti but I felt I was not a hundred percent myself, so I continued to CREATE myself (knowledge, hardworking and a lot of passion).. I reached to the concept – MATHEMATRIX +, a connection of the two worlds that I love, the world of letters and the world of numbers. Mathematrix is the freedom, the absence of fear, the frequency of everything around me!

I studied mathematics in highschool, evolving a large passion for numbers, math and physics. I thought this was an easier ride than it actually was, but i changed my direction into art, using all the info I received till that moment. I studied Graphic Arts at the University of Art and Design in Cluj Napoca (Romania), and got the masters degree also.

During my studies until now, I participated in a various number of contests and exhibitions. Below are a few:

                                                                        2020: Group Photography Exhibition “Silent Cities” | Rome, Italy

                                                                        2019: Group Photography Exhibition “On the road” | Belin, Germany

                                                                        2019: Group Photography Exhibition “Colors”  | Athens, Greece

                                                                        2019: Solo Exhibition “Mathematrix” | Conservatory of Music Noisy-le-Sec, France

                                                                        2019: Photography Festival “CIP”  | Chania  Greece

                                                                        2019: Photography Group Exhibition “Water” | Athens, Greece

                                                                        2018: Solo Photography Exhibition “Seeking” | Paris, France

                                                                        2018: Group Photography Exhibition “Alteration” | Rome,Italy

                                                                        2018:Group Photography Exhibition “Modules” | Rome,Italy

                                                                        2017: Book Publication “Shift” | Loosen Art Gallery Italy

                                                                        2017: Goroup Photography Exhibition “The street Experience” | Rome, Italy

                                                                        2017: Solo Exhibition “Mathematrix” | Paris, France

                                                                        2017: Group Photography Exhibition “The image of the savage” | Rome, Italy

                                                                        2016: BA Contemporary  “Mathematrix” | Vienna, Austria

                                                                        2016: Solo Exhibition “Mathematrix” | Center of Art Zalau, Romania

                                                                        2016: Group Photography Exhibition ” Vanitas” | Rome, Italy

                                                                        2016: Final Exhibition of Master Degrees “Belvedere” | Cluj Napoca, Romania

                                                                        2015: Group Exhibition “Corruption kills the future” | Bucharest, Romania

                                                                        2014:  Group Exhibition “Film Poster is not Dead” | Museum of Art Cluj Napoca | Romania

                                                                        2014:  Group Exhibition “Film Poster is not Dead” | Cinema Svetozor Prague | Czech Republic